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Student Services

Student Services [B5517 - L. VENDITTI:2017-10-12]

The Student Services Department is composed of a team of professionals, which includes a guidance counselor, a social worker, a nurse and an educational psychologist.These professionals are ready, willing and able to assist students and their families with a wide variety of concerns. Students and their families are encouraged to consult this team regarding:

  • Education planning                                                          
  • Health issues and concerns
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • External support services

Student Support Centre  

When a student’s behaviour is such that it is creating a distraction in class to the point where it interferes with a teacher’s lesson and prevents others from receiving the benefits of the learning environment OR a student has not lived up to the outlined behavioural expectations, that student may be asked to report to the Student Support Centre.  While at the Centre a student will complete work in isolation from others and review the circumstances that led to being there with the goal of learning possible alternative behaviours so as to avoid future visits.

Students may complete a reflection sheet and may be required to attend a scheduled meeting with their teacher and administration prior to resuming regular daily activities.

It is important to note that any student required to be in Student Services during the course of a school day will not participate in any extra-curricular activities that day or attend a school function that evening.

Students are referred to Student Services by administration and sometimes upon the request of teachers to administration.

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