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Laval Junior Academy



NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
AWADALLA, Iskander  Science Teacher
AZNAR, Cathy  Arts Teacher
BARRIEAU, Jocelyn  Science Teacher
BOLDIREFF, Gregory  Science Teacher
BREYANNIS, Christos  Social Science Teacher
BROHI, Suhael  Phys. Ed. Teacher
CALAME, Albert  Mathematics Teacher
CARACO, Linda  English Teacher
CHARRON, Annick  French Teacher
Cocullo, Tony  Support Student Supervisor
Contaras, Sophia  Support Teacher Supervisor
Coté, Josée  Administration Principal
COTE, Marie-Josee  French Teacher
CUTHBERT, Jonathan  Arts Teacher
Di Francesco, Angela  Support Special Ed. Technician
DI ZAZZO, Diana  Mathematics Teacher
Di'Stefano, Dominic  Administration Spiritual Animator
Dimacacos, George  Science Teacher (interim)
Dubeau, Sarah-Emmanuelle   Teacher
DUBOIS, Olivia  French Teacher
DUCHARME, Geneviéve  Resource Teacher
D'Antono, Giovanni  Professional Psychologist
FARRELL, Monic  Resource Teacher
Fortier-Perreault, Suzy  French Teacher
GAUVIN, Jenny  Mathematics Teacher
GAZZOLA, Valerio  Mathematics Teacher
George-Bernard, Kellie   Teacher
GIANNIAS, Nick  Phys. Ed. Teacher
GRAY, Jonathan  Science Teacher
HEGAZY, Maha  Mathematics Teacher
Huss, Rose  Administration Secretary
JULIEN, Marie-Yves  French Teacher
Kalipolidis, Helen  Administration Vice Principal
KALLIANIOTIS, Angela  French Teacher
KATIFORIS, Maria  French Teacher
Klinger, Heidi  Student Support Special Ed. Technician
Kourembanas, Natalia   Teacher
KOUROS, Helen  Special Education Teacher
Lakota, Brigitte  Administration Teacher School Technician | Administration
LAL, Puja   Teacher
Landry, Amy  Support Attendant
LAPENNA, Mary Anne  Mathematics Teacher
LEBLANC, Ralph  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Legault, Denise  Professional Social Worker
LIAKOPOULOS, Theodoros  Mathematics Teacher
LYPOUDIS, MARIA  Social Science Teacher
MAGGIORINO, LIA  English Teacher
MAKRIS, Joanna   Teacher
MARDAS, Marianthi  Social Science Teacher
Marostica, Flavia  Support Attendant
Marsillo, Jessica  English Teacher
MASCARENHAS, Raymond  Social Science Teacher
MAZZONE, Nadia   Teacher
MCFALL, Kathleen  Social Science Teacher
Miceli, Samantha   Teacher
MILEA, Gianina  English Teacher
Miscio, Tina
(Ext 9011)
  Administration Vice Principal
PAQUETTE, Patricia   Teacher
Parente, Donata  Administration School Secretary
Perron, Francine   Attendant
PETRELLA, Jessica Ann   Teacher
PIETRONIRO, Lisa  Mathematics Teacher
Pizzardi, Grace  Support Teacher Special Ed. Technician | Support
POLITIS, Irene  Social Science Teacher
POMPA, Domenic  Resource Teacher
POTIER, Nathalie  French Teacher
REALE, Sarah   Teacher
RICCI, Joseph   Teacher
RICE, Michael  Social Science Teacher
RITCHIE, Ian  Science Teacher
Robineau, Louise  Administration School Admin. Manager
Romeo De Simone, Lethicia   Teacher
ROSALES, Josephine  Resource Teacher
ROTHER, Simon   Teacher
RUDOLPH, Shannon  English Teacher
SACKS, Lee-Ann  Social Science Teacher
Salera, Silvana   Attendant
SASSEN, Elaine  Social Science Teacher
Scicchitano, Sonia   Teacher
SHAMLIAN, Laurna   Behaviour Technician
Skoufaras, Kyriaki Sunday   Teacher
SOROKINA, Maria  Mathematics Teacher
STEINMAN, Marshall  E.R.C. Teacher
Swanson, Kerri   Student Supervisor
TARDIF, Jacques  Music Teacher
Tenenbaum, Carol  Professional Guidance Counsellor
Tomeo, Angela  Support Attendant
Tomeo, Karen  Administration Secretary
TSAKRIS, Maria  French Teacher
Tsoflikis, Irene  Mathematics Teacher
VAN DER HOEVEN, James  Phys. Ed. Teacher
VARANO, Nadia  Special Education Teacher
Venditti, Luanna  Support Librarian
VIRONE, Angelo  E.R.C. Teacher
Vruggink, Katie Lynn  Arts Teacher
WHITE, Kim  Arts Teacher
Zoes, Vicky  Mathematics Teacher

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Word of the Day: PATHOS
Definition: (noun) A quality, as of an experience or a work of art, that arouses feelings of pity, sympathy, tenderness, or sorrow.

Synonyms: poignancy.

Usage: The documentary film captured the pathos of the refugee's situation, and there was not a dry eye in the theater when the movie ended.

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