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Laval Junior Academy
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General Information About Our Library [B5742 - L. VENDITTI:2018-02-13]


Students may use the Library as a place to work and find information related to their interests, projects they are working on, or just for a really good book to read.

  • During class times, students MUST present either their signed agenda, a hall pass, or a note from their teacher stating that they are allowed to be out of class.
  • Students are expected to work quietly, and replace books and chairs after use.
  • Magazines are for library use only.
  • If the library is locked, students may return items in the Book Return Slot in both doors.
  • To consult reserve items kept behind the counter, please ask the librarian.


  • Computers in the library are reserved for school work only. Students who are playing games on a site other than, who are using social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or who are fooling around will be asked to log off the computers and leave the library.
  • Printing and photocopying is available to students.
    • Black and White:                  $0.25 per sheet
    • Colour                                    $1.00 per sheet


  • To borrow any materials from the library, students must have their student identification number.
  • Students may only borrow materials for themselves.
  • Students may borrow a maximum of 2 books at a time.
  • Students may borrow a maximum of 1 movie at a time. Movies must be reserved in advance by the day before of the last school day of the week, and must be returned the morning of the first school day back.
  • Class sets of books (books that the entire class is reading at the same time) do not count towards a student’s 2 book limit.
  • Students are responsible for any items they borrow. If the item is lost, the student must pay the replacement cost and any late fees they may have incurred.
  • Loan Periods:
    • Books          10 school days
    • Movies          1 movie, weekend loan only
    • Reference      overnight loans only
  • Late Fees:
    • Books           $0.25 per day; max. $5.00 (per book)
    • Movies          $1.00 per day; max. $20.00 (per movie)
  • Students must return overdue books and pay outstanding fines before renewing a book or borrowing a new item.

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