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Laval Junior Academy
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LJA & LSA… united and working together!

JANUARY 22, 2018

We are under a Freezing Rain Warning from Environment Canada.

Regular school days are still anticipated until further notice.

 However, in order to manage these unknown elements we are postponing the January 23rd ASLeadership SUMMIT until early March.

  All registrations will move forward to the new date in March. 


Daniel A. Johnson

Special Education Technician

Leadership | Promoting student inclusion and success

Technicien en éducation spécialisée

Leadership | Favorisant l’inclusion et la réussite scolaire des élèves

T 450 686-6300 poste/ext. 9081

Advancing student leadership for the next generation.

Blue Key Society - Alumni Association [B5697:2018-01-19]
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Laval Junior Academy
2323 Daniel Johnson Blvd.,
Chomedey, Laval, QC, H7T 1H8
Tel:450 680-3044 FAX:450 686-1577
Principal: Josée COTE  
Vice Principal: Helen KALIPOLIDIS  
Vice Principal: Tina MISCIO  


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Feb-21: Report Cards
Feb-21: Cosom Hockey HOME @ 4:30
Feb-22: Governing Board Meeting
Feb-23: Dress Down Day
Feb-26: Cookie Dough Pick-Up
Feb-27: Basketball Boys 2 HOME 4:00
Feb-28: Basketball Boys 3 HOME 5:00
Feb-28: Cosom Hockey HOME @ 4:15
Feb-28: .
Mar-01: Parent Teacher Night

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